3 Reasons Why People Love Living in Aspen

Aspen, Colorado, is one of the most popular vacation cities in the U.S., so if you like the excitement of meeting new people, this upscale community might be the perfect destination for your new home.

Numerous dwellings, like contemporary or classic ranch homes and modern condos, are available for the right price. With so much to do in this beautiful community, it’s no wonder more potential residents flock to this coveted area in hopes of securing their dream home among the mountains. Let’s look at a few reasons why people love living in Aspen.

Snow or no, Aspen has the best of both worlds

Aspen isn’t only for snow bunnies — this popular Colorado town experiences all four seasons, and each one boasts perfect weather. Winters explode with fresh powder for the slopes, and residents enjoy cozy evenings by the fire in their ski-in and ski-out homes. Spring brings new outdoor activities to explore, like mountain biking once the snow melts or cross-country skiing well into April. Even on the hottest summer days, temperatures rarely exceed 83 degrees, and while the winter days skew cold, it's usually nothing too extreme. Residents never complain during the winter, as the weather conditions make for the perfect ski retreats on the mountain.

If you’re searching for a community that experiences all four beautiful seasons, Aspen is the ideal destination. There are plenty of outdoor activities that celebrate each season’s unique features — and the scenery makes for perfect photo opportunities!

World-class restaurants and events

Aspen’s dining scene is incomparable to other cities throughout the United States. If you’ve got a craving for something specific, you’ll find it within this perfect gastronomic community. A few dining favorites include:
  • Matsuhisa — The precursor to world-class Nobu, this Aspen restaurant features sushi and Japanese classics with a twist.
  • Bear Den Aspen — The den carries decadent breakfast options and functions as an open bar all day long.
  • Catch Steak — This fine-dining restaurant exudes a traditional steakhouse vibe, and its casual floor plan beckons families with children.
One of the most well-known foodie events in the nation features high-profile guests, including Brooke Williamson, Andrew Zimmern, Maneet Chauhan, Nancy Silverton, and Tyler Florence. The Aspen Food and Wine Classic is a famous food festival that features standouts from “Top Chef,”  “Master Chef,” and “Iron Chef” television shows. This three-day culinary experience offers game-changing recipes, workshops with award-winning chefs, and the opportunity to wine and dine with the community. This can’t-miss Aspen event occurs annually in the summer, and there is often a waitlist for tickets.

A sense of community and culture

If you love the arts, you’ll flourish in Aspen. There is no shortage of experiences in this idyllic mountain community. From local theater performances to international art shows and festivals, you can experience it all within the mountain ranges of this Colorado town.

Residents enjoy many cultural events held throughout the year, and nothing beats the sense of community in Aspen. With such a variety of events, whether community-sponsored or international, these unique opportunities bring neighbors together. From days spent skiing down the mountain to concerts at Belly Up and exhibits at the Aspen Art Museum, there is something for everyone of all ages to experience in Aspen.

The winter months are busy with tourists and vacationers, but the other three seasons are just as busy for long-term residents. And once you start attending these community events, you get to know your neighbors and build camaraderie in one of the most beautiful places to live in the country.

Is Aspen your own personal Shangri-la?

If you think Aspen is right for you — if the skiing, the summers, and the adventures are precious as trips back to childhood — you’ll feel right at home here. Just think about the fun you’ll have.

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